International Women’s Day / 2022
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Ekaterine Kolesnikova

International Women’s Day: Founded over a hundred years ago evolving through various names and dates, this fulcrum of women’s rights was adopted by the United Nations only in 1975 and is still largely overlooked in many countries. And still, today, in board rooms and senate chambers, in court houses as in locker rooms, it feels we are living in highly primitive times.

Since Artpil’s founding, we covered the #MeToo movement, traced the Elimination of Violence Against Women and counted down to the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the sometimes overlooked World Day of Social Justice. More recently during thes pandemic times, we covered The Shadow Pandemic. With the world in constant crisis, sometimes it is easy to forget. But these things are all interconnected.

Still, today, in board rooms and senate chambers, in court houses as in locker rooms, it feels we are living in highly primitive times.

Often our better halves, and without whom we could not be, we renew our commitment to engage. Once again, we celebrate the women who have inspired and created in the art world.


Laima Leyton

On Hannah Arendt

Richard Saltoun Gallery recently closed their year-long program On Hannah Arendt: Eight Proposals For Exhibition which looked to one of the most important thinkers of the post-war generation to confront some of the most pressing socio-political issues of our time.


Lena Jeanne

The Shadow Pandemic

At the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we treated The Shadow Pandemic. This other virus, which has existed for a far greater period of time and whose rate of contagion is perhaps the highest known – the population in denial even more staggering – has not yet a cure.


Alessandra Sanguinetti

Alessandra Sanguinetti

Alessandra Sanguinetti is a member of Magnum Photos, and her photographs are held in museums including the Museum of Modern Art; the Museum of Fine Arts Boston; the Museum of Fine Arts Houston; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Recently, Sanguinetti was among Brad Feuerhelm’s Welcome to the Castle, Photobooks of the Year, American Suburb X.


Sal Taylor Kydd

Sal Taylor Kydd

Artist and poet Sal Taylor Kydd announced the release of Yesterday, a limited edition artist book produced in conjunction with Datz Press, that explores the feelings of isolation and dislocation brought on by the pandemic and her journey to find solace in nature.


Lise Sarfati

In The Next Door Room

The awakening of adolescence has been a recurring theme fascinating many artists; conflicts of identity, physical metamorphosis, psychological instability, emerging sexual and emotional sensations. Photography of Lise Sarfati; Text by Javier Panera Cuevas / Domus Artium Salamanca.


Emma Portner / Femme Debout, trailer

Emma Portner

Emma Portner’s complex and delicate choreography draws on the grotesque, the artificial, and extreme emotionality, her extraordinary performances leaving her audiences breathless. Among her performances we featured Femme Debout, responding to the exhibition Francis Bacon & Alberto Giacometti, and by certain accounts outdoing these masters, which premiered at Fondation Beyeler.


Ornella Mazzola

Women of Meridione / Strength in the Deep South

Places with a strong soul, where the sea connects with the strength of women… In the South of Italy, passion, dignity, spirituality, and suspension can be seen through the cracks of the walls. Ongoing series by Ornella Mazzola.


Gillian Laub

Southern Rites / Gillian Laub

This small town symbolized the archetype of pastoral American life. Yet this idyllic place was also held hostage by a dark past, manifesting in the racial tensions that scar much of American history. This striking series by Gillian Laub is organized by the International Center of Photography and ICP curator Maya Benton. Various exhibition dates throughout the year.


Ekaterine Kolesnikova

30 Under 30 Women Photographers / 2022

And of course, our very own 30 Under 30 Women Photographers now in its 13th edition with the 2022 group. This annual selection has helped emerging, mid-career, as well as some accomplished women photographers to gain further exposure and participate in the collective among peers. With styles ranging from art photography to documentary, portraiture to street and fashion, the works have been overwhelmingly well received.

Victorine Alisse | Margherita Loba Amadio | Irene Artuso | Veronica Benedetti | Manon Boyer | Maria Budanova | Caitlin Chescoe | Paulina Czyzewska | Pauline Dupin | Ariadna Silva Fernandez | Chloe Heller | Tammie Joske | Melike Kocak | Ekaterine Kolesnikova | Paloma Laudet | Doriane Letexier | Annice Lyn | Quetzal Maucci | Carla Meyer-Kleynhans | Yara Piras | Kassandra ReynoldsVera Saldivar De Lira | Simona Salerno | Maria Joao Salgado | Francesca Salvati | Kristina Shakht | Diana Takacsova | Martina Tomaiuolo | Marie Wengler | Jialin Yan

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