Nika De Carlo

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1993, Nika De Carlo relocated to a small town in Connecticut at a young age. As her father became terminally ill, she found photography as a refuge, which ultimately led to her work in self portraiture. At age eighteen she moved to New York City to study at Pratt Institute, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in photography with a minor in filmmaking. It was during this time that she solidified her shooting style with medium format film photography. Noted as often having a cinematic quality with an emphasis on color, her photography focuses on documenting her own personal life and close friends, centering on themes of relationship dynamics, vulnerability, and intimacy. Her most recent in-progress series, See You In Heaven​​, follows her 5 year long battle with heroin addiction and recovery with her partner. She has participated in two solo shows in New York City and various group exhibitions throughout America and Europe. In 2020, she received two first place awards for her photography. In addition to working on her photographic endeavors, she has recently directed her first short film, ​​Sick in Paradise,​​ which is set to release in 2021. Nika De Carlo currently lives and works in New York City.