Nina Fraser
Visual Artist

Artist Nina Fraser (St. Albans, Herfordshire, UK, 1984) explores the world around her though the medium of paper, resulting in two and three dimensional works spanning across a variety of disciplines including site specific intervention and installation. After graduating in BA Textile Art at Winchester College of Art, Hampshire, UK in 2006, she co-founded The Art House Southampton in 2008, an award winning not-for-profit organic cafe, community and arts venue which is currently in its ninth year of existence. She moved to Lisbon, Portugal in 2014, and became at Resident Artist at MArt | experimental and artistic learning space for two years, where she began deepening her art practice, exploring the notion of ‘place’, home and memory, through collage and sculpture.

Her artistic journey is polarized by that of self-reflection and exploration. Geography and landscape play an important role within her work, and architecture, both monumental and vernacular, provide a symbolic, as well as geographical point of reference. Her collages are often reworked, each piece becoming not an end, but a starting point for a new journey. Her working style is fluid, often ethereal, suggesting a dreamlike state that interplays between reality and the subconscious.

She has exhibited in collective and solo exhibitions in UK, Lisbon, Porto, Berlin, Łodz, Brooklyn, and Savannah. Her collages have been selected for publication in USA, Italy, UK, Spain and Portugal.