Ofir Berman

Ofir Berman is a freelance documentary photographer and visual storyteller. She was born in Israel in 1991. She studied a master in artistic and documentary photography at the Tai Arts school in Madrid, Spain.

For the past three years she has been producing documentary projects, focusing on social and cultural stories and in particular society’s youth and adolescence, using a medium format film camera as a main tool.

Her work shows the life of closed communities and cultures that struggle to survive in today’s modern lifestyle, like the series of Children of Mea Shearim. She has a special interest in the lives of the children and youth because of the belief that they represent their culture in a very pure way, with their struggles and uniqueness.

Her latest project, which has not yet been published, deals with the lives of Palestinian refugees who fled Gaza in search of a better life and about cooperation between Israeli and Palestinians in order to promote the peace between the two nations.