Olga Ingurazova

Olga Ingurazova is a freelance documentary photographer and visual storyteller born in Russia (USSR) in 1985. Currently based in Moscow, Russia.

She began her photography career by documenting post-conflict recovery and the aftermath of separatist movements. And in 2015 she was named to the shortlist of Magnum Photos’ 30 under 30 emerging documentary photographers, and was listed as one of Photo Boite’s 30 Under 30 Women Photographers.

She explores social and environmental issues through the prism of her own genuine interest in human self identity, cultural setting, memory and resistance. Frequently she herself becomes a subject of her researches on a par with the characters of her stories. Because she believes: “It’s always personal!”

Currently she is working on the future book, producing editorial work worldwide, personal projects and exploration of the public relations in the fields of the modern visual arts.