Bill Beckley
Gallery / Bologne

P420 was founded in Bologna in 2010 by Alessandro Pasotti and Fabrizio Padovani. From the beginning, P420 has focused on artists whose work can be positioned in the areas of Conceptual and Minimal Art, mostly active in the 1960s and 1970s, who have developed a solid personal language but are still underestimated and unfamiliar to a wider audience. More recently, also presenting artists from subsequent generations, P420 has set out to compare languages belonging to different periods, with the aim of making timely aspects emerge. P420 collaborates directly with artists, with their heirs or the foundations that represent them.

Duro Seder

Milan Grygar

June Crespo

Alessandra Spranzi

Alessandra Spranzi


Billi & Prodi

Josip Vanista

Bill Beckley

Fantin & Dellacasa

Bill Beckley

Franco Vaccari
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