Paloma Laudet

After graduating from high school, I study documentary filmmaking in Morocco. Upon my return in 2019, I decided to devote myself to documentary photography and I took a course at the school of informations professions (Émi-cfd) in Paris. Since then, I have been documenting the consequences of European migration policies, particularly in Calais where I have been working for over a year on the impact of anti-migrant measures on the city’s urban planning but also on the human consequences of these policies. In 2020, I won the JDD’s coup de coeur prize at the Grand Prix Paris Match Etudiant and I joined the Item collective mentoring program. I also co-created the collective Hors-Format. Currently, I am based between Paris and the south of France where I grew up. I collaborate with Liberation, Vice, The New Humanitarian, and Médiapart.

In parallel to photography, I develop other forms of expression such as drawing and lithography, which allowed me to illustrate the book Ulysses in the Mediterranean written by Vincent Laudet at Les Presses Littéraires Edition.