PAV Parco Arte Vivente
Gallery & Art Park / Turin

PAV is an Experimental Centre for Contemporary Art conceived by the artist Piero Gilardi and directed by Enrico Bonanate.

PAV includes an open-air exhibition site and an interactive museum, meant as a place for meetings and workshops dealing with the ongoing dialogue between art and nature, biotechnology and ecology, between the public and artists.

The Park is a green place in progress and occupies an ex-industrial area of some 23,000 mq where, as well as Trèfle, an environmental installation by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (2006), and Jardin Mandala, a garden designed by Gilles Clément (2010), other relational and participatory artworks are taking shape time by time.

The Art Program, directed by Piero Gilardi, unfolds as Italian and international artists putting in place contemporary artworks and installations: permanent and temporary artworks, outdoors and in the indoor exhibition areas.

The external projects by PAV in collaboration with other institutional and associative realities of the territory, are inserted in the path of sustainable development, embracing communities and touching spaces and themes that exceed those specific to the art system.