Philip Collier

I got an Instamatic for my 13th birthday and never stopped clicking. Born on the outskirts of Boston, I attended The New England School of Photography 1973 – 1975. I tried working in several studios in Boston and New York, but what I liked the most, was walking the streets and capturing life as it unfolded. The spontaneity of seeing and capturing a moment in time was astounding to me and something I could not shake. I was addicted to freezing that little slice of life for all eternity. I love the work of W. Eugene Smith, Robert Frank, Diane Arbus and many more.

I have spent most of my life documenting my life through the power of the lens. Whether I was just going out for a walk, or to a political rally, or a wedding my camera was strapped to my wrist. I never really realized the embodiment of my work until later in my life. My story is mostly complete and it is interesting to me to look back upon this work and realize the changes in my life, my style, the changes in my subjects, the changes in location and the changes in the medium itself. These are truly “Photographs from a Lifetime.”