Roland Quetsch
Artist / Painter

Roland Quetsch is first and foremost a manufacturer. The treatment of the picture carriers / visual tools / supports of his paintings makes them similar to structured canvases from the outset, thus to real pictorial objects with their game of reliefs, the opposition of horizontal bands given a priori by the canvas, their regularity and the almost insurmountable, as well in number as in fulguration, interweaving or even trellis, that overlays them. As a result, numerous openings, all highly animated, and a multiplicity of spaces, overlapping with varying degrees of depth, are created, giving the painting its life and topography. The quality of the art of Roland Quetsch, failing to speak of a miracle, is that these fragments, these broken, torn spaces, eventually lead to / end in unity; the centrifugal movements do not alter however, quite on the contrary, they underline a substantial concentration. It is high time then to mention the other aspect of this art: Roland Quetsch is at least as much a colorist, which he demonstrates by the same ease with contrast as with monochromatic color schemes. There is definitely something in this art / painting which conveys delight / rapture / ravishment; yet, at the same time, it is always marked by the same level of rigor.

Quetsch lives and works, in Luxembourg.

[Text by Lucien Kayser]