Sacha Turchi

Sacha Turchi currently lives and works in Italy and collaborates with various visual and sound artists. The interactions between individual and nature, body and psyche, constitutes the essential matrix of her research. At the same time Sacha studies various body techniques and relational psychodynamic perspectives translating them into form. Her conceptual research moves simultaneously with the research of the materials. She uses natural basic ingredients, which, while producing chemical reactions simulate a living organisms response. The artist substitutes parts of the human body with a vegetal natural equivalent substance. This work is based on a continuous and regular theoretical and practical research in the medical field, on bodily disciplines and rituals of various cultures of the world.

She has participated in several personal exhibitions in galleries including Matèria Gallery, Rome; Davide Paludetto Contemporary Gallery, Turin; Castle of Rivara, Museum and Contemporary Art Centre, Turin; Una Vetrina (collaboration with Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome; Casa Sponge, Pergola, Italy; SetUp Art Fair, Bologna; and collective exhibitions including Deposito d’arte poppi, Castel of Poppi, Arezzo; Alta Romam A.I. Artisanal Intelligences, Rome; Guest for Body World, Rome; Spazio Varco, Aquila, Italy. She has participated in residence programs: VIR Viafarini in Residence, Milan; Foundation atelier WG, Amsterdam; Sponge Arte Contemporaena, Pergola, Italy; Bocs Art Cosenza 2015, Italy.

The bodily processes she investigate are a metaphor for what happens in the human being and in its relationships: the relationship that the individual has with culture, with society, with heritage, and the relationship that they have with themselves, are concepts embodied in the theme of the relationship. These factors are closely linked. Since babies are born, they quickly learn drom everything around them and what they feel in their body. Then they learn from the family to relate, through specific dynamics, they will use them in their Relationship with themselves and in the social environment. Their heritage will create the foundations of their knowledge, unconscious and genetics.