Salzburger Kunstverein
Salzburg, Austria

The Salzburger Kunstverein was founded in 1844. Today it is a leading organization in Central Europe for producing and exhibiting international and Austrian contemporary art. The SKV is housed in the historic Künstlerhaus, which is located in the city center of Salzburg and was built by the SKV in 1885. The offices and galleries of the SKV, as well as 24 studios, are all within the Künstlerhaus. Since 1885, the historical building has been continuously adapted into a modern exhibition space. In addition to the near 500 square meters of the exhibition area for major exhibitions, the Künstlerhaus houses different institutions, studios, exhibition areas and the Café Cult. The Künstlerhaus also offers a wide variety of discussions, lectures, performances and other exhibition-related events, whether held by the Salzburger Kunstverein or other organizations in the building. This is a hub where current trends in contemporary international art are presented, where artists meet and are met, and where art, art theory and cultural policies are analyzed and discussed.