Sara Rinaldi

I started taking pictures during my senior year of high school, my dad had a lot of cameras and even used to have his own dark room. It made sense to me because I immediately felt that photography was helping me deal with the daily dose of anxiety and sadness I had always experiences. My pictures became my messy diary.

After a couple of years of changing my major, I decided that the academy of fine arts, where I studied video art, video making and photography, was the right fit for me.

In 2015 I attended a street photography workshop in New York which was helpful in many ways especially because it made me understand that analog photography was the best choice for me and from that point on I started using almost solely film.

I tend to carry at least one of my cameras with me all the time, polaroid, disposable, etc.

I take pictures of everything that moves me, which can be pretty much anything, lights, people, trees, places. My friends and the female body are my main source of inspiration.

At the moment I’m working on my first photo book and I’m trying to focus more on long term projects rather than single pictures.