Kunsthalle Frank­furt

The SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frank­furt is one of most impor­tant exhi­bi­tion venues in Europe. Since opening in 1986, it has presented more than 200 exhi­bi­tions on around 2,000 m² of floor space and can boast a total of more than 8 million visi­tors. The SCHIRN focuses on art-histor­ical and historico-cultural themes, discourses, and trends from a contem­po­rary perspec­tive. Its range of offers is multi­fac­eted, inter­na­tional, and progres­sive; it attempts to open up new points of view and to break open tradi­tional patterns of recep­tion. The exhi­bi­tions are devoted in equal measure to contem­po­rary stances in art and art of the modern era.

Each SCHIRN exhi­bi­tion is accom­pa­nied by a publi­ca­tion. As part of the exhi­bi­tion project, the catalog is its contin­u­a­tion in printed form and enables you to continue to engage with the art and issues addressed in the exhi­bi­tion well after it has actu­ally finished. The concept and specific content of each publi­ca­tion is devised parallel to devel­oping the exhi­bi­tion. Selected authors, and they tend to be experts, artists or jour­nal­ists, explore the respec­tive topic in the form of essays, shed light on it from different angles, and in this way supple­ment the exhi­bi­tion project by empha­sizing addi­tional inter­esting aspects of the subject.