Selina De Maeyer

A Belgian photographer who doesn’t follow the general trends dictated by the photographic fashion industry. I love to carve out my own world. My world balances between fragility and strength. But I do not want to reach a certain public. What I want is to create a unique feeling for everybody when they are looking at my work.

Light is something that attracts me, It is telling me a lot about esthetic and atmosphere, it helps creating the feeling I want to tell to the people, a deep inner feeling. I always want to shoot people with an expression, emotion inside, you can see it in the eyes.

I create what I feel. I AM my photos, it is like a mirror, in which you can recognize, loneliness, the down-feeling, I do not look perfection, perfect is not perfect. I know very well what I want to express and create, the image is already in my head. This feeling in combination with creativity makes my own personality and very personal style.

When I am shooting, everything around me no longer exists, im living in another world. I am a growing artist and I am still learning more and more and having a great time in this unknown journey.