Serena Biagini

Artistically born in 2005 and I am now living and working in Fiorano Modenese, Modena, Italy. At the end of secondary school, contemporary art photography became my main passion. Including the theoretical study of light, through the laws of physics, to the study of framing, exposure and artistic techniques. These theoretical studies have always been supplemented by a genuine passion for photography My passion for photography was prevalent from a young age. Then at the age of 5, my first Polaroid camera was bought and I began taking pictures. It is said that I was already at this point showing an artistic talent not only in photographs, but also in figurative art, drawing freehand creations of various objects and utilizing different materials (wood, paper, beads, wax, iron, etc. ..) More recently I have gained experience in the field of computer graphic manipulation. Boasting skills chiefly self-taught, but that have also been extended by participation in various photography and visual arts workshops as well as basic courses in photography. The most recent self taught skill is that for the most important of graphics programs: “Photoshop”, whereby my knowledge of the program is being continually updated through magazines and dedicated websites. Although I am a photographer with a contemporary mindset, as mentioned above, my roots are in traditional photography. This includes the management and study of non-automatic analogue cameras that provided the study and practice of manual focus, as well as the choice of all the factors involved in every step of taking an artistically great photo. Thereafter, mainly for convenience, I switched to digital photography, which allows a greater number of shots, and thus acquire more skills without losing attention to detail. These skills are helped greatly by my experience with, and starting my studies in, analogue photography.

My first experience in the field of photography was to study industrial photography, where I acquired the skill of a manual approach to photography, above all the technical craft and meticulous and almost obsessive attention to aesthetic and technical details of the exposure to light of the subjects. Subsequent work experience has been gained at traditional photography studios, which has allowed me to develop my skills in capturing moving images and portraiture.