Seunggu Kim

I am a photographer who lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. And I majored in photography in SM university and studied visual art at Korea National University of Arts. I would like to describe how we are living. I thought photography could show our ‘real world’. I wanted to balance the unnatural elements in the rectangle frame and describe that we are getting used to the social ironies of reality.

Exhibitions have included Artbit Gallery, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Song Eun Storage / Song Eun Art Cube, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Art Sonje, Song Eun Art Space, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, and BMW Photo Space, Busan, Korea, Exco, Daegu, Korea.

Awards and Grants include Filter Space, Chicago, The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea, GoEun Art and Cultural Foundation, Korea, The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation.