Sidney Léa Le Bour

First graduated in architecture, she then attended classes at the photography school Louis Lumière until 2014. Ever since, irrepressibly attracted to the East, she travels multiple times the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Russia.

Crossing of the Eurasian continent by hitchhiking. Long story winter report in Siberia. She likes to challenge herself to photograph peoples all over the world. In a few years, her photographs allow her to work with many organizations and press groups.

Surprise is the engine of her photographic creation and a key element in the choice of her projects. The unusual attracts her and she makes images by intending to show what astonishes and fascinates her.

Human bodies chiseled, soft and wrinkled. The meanders of limestone. The asperities of the ice. Each series of images that she produces push further her exploration of material and color. Generator of curiosity, intriguing traditions are another of these favorite subjects.

Her work has been exhibited at several occasion, including recently at the Quinzaine Photographique Nantaise 2016.

She is currently represented by the agency Hans Lucas.