Simona Salerno

Milan, 1995. Graduated at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, in New Technologies of Art in 2020. Then, she attended a training course in Experience Design to achieve a better knowledge of the design process, in particular the making of virtual spaces. After an internship in graphic design in a marketing agency, she’s self-teaching CGI and motion design.

Most of her artistic work is based on the urban space and its – physical and social – reflections. Her main photography work Displacements (2019–2021) is a photo series obtained through a photographic glass prism: a tool typically used in fashion photography to bend, refract, or scatter light on a subject. The light is amplified by a bit of rainbow light floating in the foreground. The effect obtained shows the subject at the center of a kaleidoscope or in a psychedelic dreamscape.

Prism photography is reinterpreted by the artist as a real-life distortion filter which is capable of enclosing the essential elements of the surrounding environment in a single shot. After identifying rhythms, shapes and contrasts, the result is a composition that expresses and maintains the dominant multifaceted effect of the urban environment, itself characterized, due to its contradictions, by multiple faces.

Besides her work with photography, she also experiments with video and analog media.