Lolita Pelegrime
Slowroom Contemporary

Slowroom Contemporary opened with an official launch in the summer of 2017 at a pop up event in Copenhagen.

The nomadic exhibition platform and gallery has already executed five exhibitions since the official launch, with artists such as Florian Hetz, Bruce LaBruce, Esteban Diácono, Lolita Pelegrime and Ene Bissenbakker.

The vision of Slowroom Contemporary is to embrace emerging artists within a wide range of mediums, give them a platform to showcase their work and build a bridge between them and the established contemporary art scene with group and solo exhibitions. We aim to unfold ideas, artistic research and execute exhibitions that thrills, wonders and strengthens the relations between the art and the audience.


Lolita Pelegrime

Chris Phillips

Ene Bissenbakker

Loughlan Prior

Lukasz Wierzbowski

Niels Kalk

Pete Lamberto
All Bodies Are Temples
Slowroom Contemporary
In conversation with photographer and curator Pete Lamberto and graphic designer Casper Svendsen of the nomadic platform Slowroom Contemporary...