Museum / Ghent Belgium

Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst / S.M.A.K. Society for the Museum of Contemporary Art was established in 1975. It was then the first Belgian museum devoted to contemporary art. Initially birthed within the Museum of Fine Art at Ghent, it was 20 years later the new entity was given it’s own building facing its parent.

Dynamic and unconventional, its permanent collection of first-rate Belgian and international works is presented in constant interaction with original and often provocative exhibitions. Keeping a finger on the pulse. But sometimes on the sore points too. You can gently recover from all these impressions in the adjacent Citadel Park.

The financial resources come from the members and the sale of print folios. Since its foundation, the ‘Society’ has enthusiastically organized numerous debates and talks to keep the public informed of recent trends, attitudes and opinions. Its artistic excursions expand horizons and concise publications enable ongoing reflection.