Vice / Picture Perfect (still)
Sophie Green

I am a social documentary and portrait photographer based in London.

My photography is a spontaneous, intuitive reaction to the ordinary – celebrating the idiosyncrasies and nuances of the human experience and universal drives. I’m most fascinated by human imperfections and vulnerabilities – the re occurring theme throughout my work is the power of the human spirit.

In a world full of unique individuals, my works explore aspects of British culture and communities who are drawn together by mutual circumstance, I strive to seek out the glue that unites these individuals together as a collective – this has led me to explore the realms of afro hair salons, banger & stock car racing, street car culture, horse racing and travelers.

I identify subjects who exist on the edge of society who are often under represented in the mainstream. I want to challenge the common misconceptions, judgements and stereotypes that can exist in our society and provide a platform for the subjects to tell their story.

I believe that trust and respect are fundamental to the process of creating an emotional and revealing portrait. Many of my projects develop over several years in order to honor the subjects’ lives and portray them truthfully through images and text.

I want my photography to reflect a vision, tell stories and provide an insight that is not always accessible on the surface.

Interviews, features and articles include British Journal Of Photography, It’s Nice That, i-D Magazine, Fotografia Magazine, Vice, AnOther, GUP Magazine, Die Zeit, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Wallpaper, among others.