Stefano Moscardini

Stefano Moscardini, born in Voghera in 1981, is a reportage and portrait photographer. He started his career in 2007 in a small-town commercial studio. He quickly became aware of the fact that his photography could have been much more than just a source of income and transitioned to reportage photography. In this field, his most important work so far is Suspension of Disbelief, a reportage about modern rituals of body suspension, featured in an exhibition at the Royal Anthropological Institute in London and it’s on its way to publication.

His reportage works do not focus on anthropology only. In 2013 he spent a week on board of the Ionian Spirit, a ferry taken hostage by its own crew. He documented the lives of the sailors that have been living aboard the ship for twelve months without money, food, electricity and help from the company, risking their lives and endangering the relationships with their families back home in order to fight for their right to the wage.

The mind opening experiences of Suspension of Disbelief and Ionian Spirit led him to realize what the long term negative effects of life in a small town were. That’s how Short Sighted Suburbia, a landscape photography project about fog as a metaphor of isolation and lack of empathy, was born.

In 2016 he moved to Rome and started his current project Martyrs, a series of creative portraits that employs the collective representation of persecution, in the form of classical Christian martyrdom, to convey a critical message against social stigma. The subject of each portrait is not a model, but a common person who has been victim of a stigma.

Currently, Stefano works at B49 Studio in Rome as a portrait photographer.