Stefano Pia

Stefano Pia is an Italian Photographer, who was born in 1978. He lives in Mogoro, a little town in Sardinia. He followed his first photograph master class in 2005 and his growing passion let him starting following different workshops: from photojournalism, passing through landscapes, to reports, and some specialist courses about structure literature of images. However, social reports became his favourite style, in which he is focusing his work. He settled different personal exhibitions of his work in some Italian cities. For 2 years, Museum Man have chosen his pictures for the contest “Sardegna Reportage”, showing them with other works made by Robert Capa and Vivian Maier. In 2016, his project “Zero Kms” has been included in the Milan Photo Festival, with works made by other 40 photographers, as Robert Doisneau, Oliviero Toscani, Eaweard Muybridge and Mario Cresci. His pictures has been published inside different magazines and national journals as IN VIAGGIO, BELL’ITALIA, INSIDE MAGAZINE, IL FOTOGRAFO, REPUBBLICA and IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA. His photography style is based on the history of his town, Mogoro, trying to expose personal and group backstories. He is the founder of BiFoto (International Festival Of Photography In Sardinia) and he is also the artistic director with his friend and photographer Vittorio Cannes since 2011.

Zero Kilometers

A zero environmental impact reportage made of pictures, kind people and beautiful landscapes.

Subjects photographed lives in Mogoro, a town in Marmilla, in the center-west side of Sardinia, down Monte Arci e not so far from the sea. There are mild climate conditions featured by the wind called Maestrale.

A 4000 people village, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, cornfields, nuraghi and tiny woods. The Green around and the Mediterranean Bush Smell in the air are great for a real chrome and aromatherapy, relieving stress and similar illnesses. A town separated by the turism centres, without an efficient economy, but with a great history in craftsmanship and pastoralism.

A town in Sardinia, an Italian village, with Mediterranean features, as many in Europa, as many in the world.

Review Milan Photo Festival

Stefano Pia pictures are a way to transpose project “Zero Kms” of agriculture inside a reportage. To realise an original report, to show the unseen, it is not necessary going in the other side of the world. Stefano Pia opens just his house door, a house in Mogoro, little town known in Sardinia hill side. Pictures have a touch of ethnography mixed with Cartier Bresson style, showing a not touristic side of Sardinia, not less beautiful, true, fresh, rich of people, with history and simplicity.