Tabanlioglu Architects

Tabanlioglu Architects is established in 1990 by Murat Tabanlioglu and his father Hayati Tabanlioglu, and Melkan Gürsel (AIA Int.) joined the group as partner in 1995.

The practice is currently engaged in major assignments worldwide, from Dakar to Kazakhstan, Ukraine etc., with offices in New York and London. Tabanlioglu projects comprise wide range of building types, with various awards including RIBA International in 2011 and 2013. The quantity and quality of projects, awards and publications endorse its solvency.

Searching for new efficiencies in terms of global and environmental needs and developments and respecting resources and existing values, the office aims high to benefit new technologies, envisioning the needs of people of our era of novelties and rapid changes.

Operating mainly in Turkey, MENA and CIS Countries with almost 200 architects, office’s keen to design high-quality urban space that attracts both local and international users/visitors, through projects providing immediate presence at its location as well as making a positive urban impact, targeting betterment, contemporary development and content end-users.