Tamuna Chkareuli

I am a storyteller deeply interested in the complex relationships within the modern communities. Being attracted to the sensation of shared values, I explore the borderline between togetherness and loneliness and the consequences of the emotional vacuum brought by individualist culture. From tight-bonded communities, to impersonal, imagined ones that unite millions of strangers.

Tamuna Chkareuli is a Georgian photographer based in Tbilisi. Having a keen interest in social issues, she mainly focuses on the communities that are oppressed, neglected or recovering from trauma, as well as disability and gender-related problems.

After graduating in MA Documentary photography and photojournalism from the University of Westminster (2017), she has worked both in London and Tbilisi as a freelance photojournalist, developing her personal projects at the same time. In 2018 She became a grantee of Tbilisi Photography Museum with the mentorship provided by NOOR. Her works have been shortlisted for Kolga International photo award and showcased at Tbilisi Photo Festival.

Since January 2019 Tamuna is a full-time reporter at Open Caucasus Media, where she works on the long-term journalism pieces and photo stories in the vibrant and politically charged atmosphere of South Caucasus.