Tara Rice

Tara Rice is a travel photographer based between Midcoast Maine and Brooklyn, New York. Her love of travel is fueled by her curiosity about people and the many different ways we live and interact with our environment. She is happiest when she’s able to mix her passion for social/environmental impact initiatives with her travels for more commercial work.

Clients include: Airbnb, Biden for President, Maine Magazine, DÉCOR Maine, The Trust for Public Land, Citibank, UPS, GOOD CORP, CNN Parts Unknown, buildOn, Ford Foundation, HALO Trust, Mahouts Foundation, Refinery 29, XQ Super Schools, OAFLA, NIB (National Industries for the Blind), Sonder Project, RIPPLE Africa, Photographers Without Borders, Grandmother Project Senegal, Tiny Atlas Quarterly, Roads and Kingdoms, and more.