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When Tate first opened its doors to the public in 1897 it had just one site, displaying a small collection of British artworks. Today Tate has four major sites and the national collection of British art from 1500 to the present day and international modern and contemporary art, which includes nearly 70,000 artworks. A number of new developments are planned for Tate Modern, Tate Britain and Tate St Ives to ensure the galleries continue to expand.

In 1889 Henry Tate, an industrialist who had made his fortune as a sugar refiner, offered his collection of British art to the nation. There was no space for it in the National Gallery and the creation of a new gallery dedicated to British art was seen as a worthwhile aim and the search for a suitable site began. This gallery would house not only Henry Tate’s gift but also the works of British artists from various other collections.


Authored Articles
Nam June Paik
Oct 17, 2019 – Feb 9, 2020
This major exhibition brings together over 200 works from throughout his five-decade career, from robots made from old TV...
Art Now / Sophia Al-Maria
Sep 20, 2019 – Feb 23, 2020
Drawing on personal heritage and fictional future projections, Sophia Al-Maria's protagonists reflect on the narratives and languages they have...
Don McCullin Retrospective
February 5 – May 6, 2019
This exhibition showcases some of the most impactful photographs captured over the last 60 years, including many of his...
Turner Prize 2018
Sep 26, 2018 – Jan 6, 2019
Tate Britain unveils an exhibition of work by the four artists shortlisted for Turner Prize 2018: Forensic Architecture, Naeem...
Turner Prize 2017
Through Jan 7, 2018
Since 2011 the Turner Prize has been staged outside of London every other year. For 2017 it will be...
Rachel Whiteread
Sep 12, 2017 – Jan 21, 2018
Celebrating over 25 years of Whiteread’s internationally acclaimed work, this momentous show brings together both the famous sculptures alongside...
Alberto Giacometti at Tate Modern
May 10 – Sep 10, 2017
Tate Modern presents the UK’s first major retrospective of Alberto Giacometti in 20 years. Celebrated as a sculptor, painter...
Future Now Symposium 2021
April 28 – May 31, 2021
This symposium is an exploration of 21st century culture through art, bringing together key institutions, galleries, publications, and artists...
New Year / 2020
ARTPIL / Prescription .107
Promethean fire, water from Sisyphus. Let us remember this day. As Hegel tells us, the world's history is not...
Turner Prize 2019
Sep 28, 2019 – Jan 12, 2020
"At this time of political crisis, we feel strongly motivated to use the occasion of the Prize to make...
William Eggleston: 2¼
April 12 – June 1, 2019
Over the course of nearly six decades, Eggleston has established a singular style that deftly combines the vernacular subject...
Future Now Symposium 2019
March 7-8, 2019 / York, UK
We are living in a time of globalization, expansion and media saturation. We communicate instantly, yet with alarming disconnect....
La Dépense / Francis Alÿs
Nov 9, 2018 – Feb 24, 2019
With his acute poetic and imaginative powers of perception, Francis Alÿs raises questions about anthropology and geopolitics, creating works...
Soul of a Nation
Sep 14, 2018 – Feb 3, 2019
Soul of a Nation shines light on a broad spectrum of Black artistic practice from 1963 to 1983, one...
Future Now Symposium 2018
May 17–18, 2018
Through panels, lectures, and portfolio reviews, the Symposium provides an imaginative platform to consider the arts ecosystem within a...
A Conversation with Mitch Epstein
interview series
Mitch Epstein is a fine-art photographer who helped pioneer color photography in the 1970s. His works are in major...