Thomas Dane Gallery
London / Naples

Thomas Dane Gallery was established in March 2004 and currently exists in two London gallery spaces and a third space in Naples.

The gallery has developed its distinctive position through:

– A strong commitment to the moving image, both in the production and exhibition of works by Steve McQueen, John Gerrard, Akram Zaatari, Paul Pfeiffer and Bruce Conner.

– Our history of introducing important mid-generation artists from abroad to London – These include Cecily Brown, Albert Oehlen, Glenn Ligon, Dana Schutz, and Arturo Herrera, who now have an established base of museum and collector support in the UK.

– The nurturing and development of new talent – such as Hurvin Anderson, Caragh Thuring, Walead Beshty, Kelley Walker, Ella Kruglyanskaya and Anthea Hamilton.

– A commitment to curatorial experimentation by invited curators.