Tom Marshak

Tom Marshak is a photographer based in London, U.K. He graduated with honors from the department of photography at Hadassah College, Jerusalem in 2008 (BA). With time Tom developed his passion for portraits, so in his commercial work, he photograph mostly fashion, music and culture. In the rest of the time he photograph people crossing his way, he is passionate to learn and understand his surroundings through his lens.

His fascination for the opposites, the personal discovery of strangeness in the every day ended up in A Diary, an ongoing documentary project made of memories since the year 2011. Photographing for that project was always a personal affair for him and so it remained, with different analog cameras, uploading images on his web platform once a month, for the past ten years.

The gesture of documenting our lives is repetitive, recreating a certain routine, turning out in a sort of obsession, dictated by the human impulse of wanting to remember. With time the project gained many followers, and in 2015 won an award and was presented in a group exhibition at the Louvre, Paris.

Tom’s work was also presented in different international solo and group exhibitions. During 2019 Tom worked on his first artist book and solo exhibition summarizing ten years of his documentary project A Dairy,