Vanessa Nessren

Photography has been a part of my life ever since I was a child. Starting from when I was 2 years old with my father taking pictures of me while I was in shared parenting. He piled up photo albums until I was 5, before they all disappeared in a sudden burglary. Every single album went missing.

This mechanical eye I was missing since then got familiar as I grew up. I was 14 and already a model. I was 19 and I left France for Milan. A modeling agency proposed to me a contract and I said yes. School, art studies… I left everything behind for this career in Italy I would eventually pursue for 5 years.

Then I came back to France, it was in autumn, and I was to fall in love and become a mother. I became the designer and muse of my own jewelry brand Vanessa Nessren Jewelery, however I was still missing something. My artistic instinct was still on the lookout. For a different kind of expression, for freedom. More than that. Even more than that. Passion and creativity I needed to share.

I gave birth to my 2nd child and I treated myself to my first Nikon soon after the birth of my daughter Eden. I was still posing for some photographer friends sometimes, including Billsky who created my jewelry catalogs. We often worked together and seeing my first pictures he thought I already had a eye for detail. As our friendship grew he taught me technique, shared his experience in the job. I finally let go and well, then I knew. “What I wanted to be when I grew up”, it was now obvious. It was a release. There was a world, my world, this world I could share through my pictures. It was something new, I felt complete sharing this vision of the world and I knew I would never get tired of it.

Instinctive, lover of contrasts and contradictions, I like to bring extremes together. It’s my art. With feminine strength and subtlety. Where confused things finally come together, ultimately, in a perfect balance. Instinct, strength, sensuality … nomad life, circus, childhood, street life, from photo-reportages to exhibitions, photography is my language, my craft, my passion and is thus my present. And my future unquestionably implies my Nikon Camera.