Viola Di Sante

I choose photography as a medium because I feel a profound need to preserve moments and this feeling leads me to shoot lots of pictures everyday. When I ‘see’ a picture I have to set up a little setting and shoot it right away. It’s like I need to do it otherwise I feel some kind of loss and sadness.

If I don’t have any handy subject, I may frame my hands or I may shoot a self-portrait.

I find my inspiration in ancient and contemporary art, movies and music. I like to look for the mysterious and weird side of everyday life.

I first experimented with photography when I was 17. I found an old film camera, a Yashica 108, at my cousin’s place. I asked my boyfriend at the time (who was a photographer) to teach me how to make it work. He refused (yes, he was a jerk) so I had to learn by myself. It all came pretty natural from there. I continued my law studies but kept practicing with film and digital photography. Only recently I understood my true passions are photography and filmmaking. At the moment I’m working with social networks and I’m on a short movie as a set designer. I will be featured on Sukeban Magazine in December.