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Wallpaper was founded in 1996 as a monthly magazine and has set standards in the industry featuring coverage of art, architecture, design, fashion, interior and travel.

Wallpaper’s website was launched in 2004 continuing it’s heritage and publishing content beyond its print sibling.

Wallpaper also publishes city guides with Phaidon which currently include coverage of over 100 different cities world wide.

Magazine / Publisher
  • Viviane Sassen: Phosphor
    Tracing a career of more than thirty years, this celebration of the prodigiously talented Dutch photographer includes vibrantly colored portraiture, landscapes, still lifes, abstract compositions and fashion editorials. From her early African-inspired work to her more recent experiments in interventionist techniques, Viviane Sassen has gained international acclaim for her striking, dynamic images that explore a range of themes and subjects (more…)
  • UNIQUE. Beyond Photography
    Apr 19 – Jun 8, 2024
    Brussels, Belgium
    In the UNIQUE exhibition, we explore 21 projects by artists, half of whom are under 40 and based in Belgium. What unites them is the creative gesture. It’s no longer just the photographic perspective, but the manual labor that is celebrated here. Establishing this physical connection with the artwork results in the creation of unique pieces that defy the norms of analog photography and oppose the reproducibility of digital photography. (more…)