Weronika Cyganik

Weronika Cyganik was born in 1994, Krakow, Poland. She is currently on her last year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Graphic Design faculty. She is mainly interested in book design, illustration and photography.

She was among the winners of the 4th edition of DEBUTS (2017), Poland’s first complex program presenting the most talented emerging Polish photographers and the winner of the multimedia competition in the photography category of International Biennale of Architecture Krakow 2017. She has had two solo photography exhibitions, “Horizons”, Krakow, 2016 and “Projections”, Krakow, 2017, and has also participated in many collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Her work focuses on casual travel photography, a kind of personal photo sketchbook, but also photography projects that combine sociological issues with her own observations. She likes to experiment with matter, form and space, using expired film and leaving something to chance. She is also interested in theater documentation and photography.

This current project presents analogue photography, a kind of daily observations gathered together to create a story about the world that speaks to us by random objects and details, but also by silence or emptiness. It’s also a story about trying to follow and understand these visual riddles.