Chikako Yamashiro
White Rainbow
Gallery / London

White Rainbow reopened in March 2018 with a new 12 month program of solo exhibitions and projects by leading contemporary Japanese artists Chikako Yamashiro, Chim Pom, Aki Sasamoto, Taro Izumi, Meiro Koizumi and Mari Katayama. White Rainbow’s new fixed-term program seeks to spotlight artistic practices never before seen in the UK. The organization’s new non-profit model will support artist development, championing the work of emerging and mid-career Japanese artists working in a range of media, with particular focus on performance, film and installation-based practices. The six artists collectively question the structures that govern our everyday lives, with artistic investigations into contested military territories, the disabled body, the politics of gentrification, and immigration rights within an increasingly nationalistic global framework. For each of the six artist projects, White Rainbow will publish a new artist monograph, including newly commissioned essays and artist responses. From 2014-17 White Rainbow operated as a commercial gallery, presenting the work of international artists with a focus on contemporary art from Japan.

White Rainbow

Chikako Yaashiro

Kazuo Katase

Meiro Koizumi

White Rainbow

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Aki Sasamoto

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Chu Enoki
Authored Articles
Battlelands / Meiro Koizumi
Nov 22, 2018 – Jan 9, 2019
Koizumi's challenging body of work examines complex issues of power dynamics both familial and national, the tension between staged...