Analogue II
Acrylic plate & powdered black pigments

Questioning the obvious, questioning what appears to be irrefutable, what we dare not doubt. Photography, removed from the paradigms of representation, stripped of discourse on its mimetic tradition, not reduced to the idea of a simple imprint of reality, allows us to go in search of other relationships between the thing photographed and the photograph of the thing. Therefore, the question arises of the difference between the perception of the photograph and the perception of the real object. My works attempt to deconstruct this difference through the creation of devices that blur, erase, eliminate or sometimes highlight the possibility of condensing several dimensions into two.

PMMA (acrylic) plate and powdered black pigments
74cm x 99 x 23 cm
France, 2021
Signed and dated by the artist
Certificate of Authenticity


Paris, France

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César Cuspoca
César Cuspoca (1987–2022) is a Colombian artist whose artistic practice principally nourishes questions of perception, the duality between appearance and disappearance, and materialism and immaterialism....
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Mina Raven
Organization / Paris, London
Mina Raven is an organisation working with public and private institutions to produce and promote photography between UK and France. Founded in 2018 by Sandrine...
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