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Acrylic plate and latex / 200 x 100 cm

This piece is part of the “Tamu” installation, an in situ installation consisting of twelve suspended acrylic plates and 150 candles. The plates are covered with liquid latex which after flowing on the floor solidifies into a body. Each body is surrounded by candles, reminiscent of a funeral rite that symbolizes the death of the image.

The Korebaju do not bury their dead, they sow them. Indeed, the concept of burial does not exist in their language, they use the word “tamu” which means “to sow”. In their belief, the body returns to the earth to be reborn in a new form.

Sculpture, acrylic plate and latex / 200 x 100 cm
Saint-Loup, France, 2021
Signed and dated by the artist
Certificate of Authenticity


Paris, France

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