Oilbow / OilFish
Monoprint, Edition of 1 / 2020

42 x 30 cm, UV print on mat paper, grainy glass, deep frame
Signed and with certificate of authenticity

The first oil slick on the asphalt sent me to the Caspian Sea.

I have been witnessing this Caspian pollution time by time from my childhood. From 2016 while walking on the Caspian side in the early mornings, a silent voice of the sea asked me to show its pollution. We usually prefer not to see unpleasant things and considering the economy of my country is based on oil, there was no earthly reason to complain about this fact. From that time, I was looking for an aesthetic way to draw attention to this problem.

Time passed and again in one silent quarantine morning, I found myself at the right time in the right place. Xazar showed pollution as beautiful as it cannot be imagined, – with the reflection of the symbolic landmark of the country. On one hand, we are building gorgeous, shiny constructions, while on the other hand discard the stain to the surface of our priceless gift from mother earth – Xazar, Caspian sea.


Baku, Azerbaijan

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Emin Mathers
Emin Mathers was born in Baku in 1990. From 2009, during his last year in Architecture and Construction University, he started to practice photography...
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