Yara Piras
Artist / Photographer

Yara Piras is a visual artist who develops her research around the concept of image closely linked to film / photographic material exploring range of possibilities and the limits of projection as an artistic medium.

Particularly attracted to a more intimate cinematic experience, the artist suggests the viewer to approach the image – fixed or moving – to interact with the narrative. The works find their dimension in an installation / sculptural context that dialogues with space and time.

Yara Piras works both with personal archival films and with new original shots that reflect on physical gesture and performative action. The material used is mostly transparent, solid and in motion. The testimony turns out to be a narrative key for all fields of investigation in which the artist operates.

Yara Piras was born and raised with particular attention to photography as a form of contemporary art. Over time, evolving her practice and personal taste, she shifts her attention in particular to the art of installation. The humanistic studies, carried out in the early years formation, made it possible to know the importance of analytical thinking and to subsequently deny it. She consciously chose a didactic path linked to the most heartfelt interests that led to analyze issues related to her beliefs which, in the visual arts, have allowed the personal enrichment of her path.