Juerg Staeuble
Haus Konstruktiv
Museum / Zurich

Museum Haus Konstruktiv is the leading institution for constructivist, concrete, and conceptual art in Switzerland, and is highly regarded internationally. This art form, characterized by the accomplishments of the Zurich Concretists surrounding Max Bill, Richard Paul Lohse, Camille Graeser, and Verena Loewensberg from the 1930s to 1950s, is now so essential to the landscape of modernism, that it is no longer possible to imagine this landscape without it. We have made it our task to keep this art-historical heritage alive and to link it to contemporary art. One of our objectives is to demonstrate the interfaces that connect the legacy of constructivist-concrete art with the international art scene – and the past with the present.

The art-historical background comprises Russian constructivism and the constructivist-concrete stimuli of 1920s and 1930s Western Europe, including the Bauhaus, but also kinetic art, op art and 1960s American minimal art, as well as 1960s conceptual art, which arose from the tendency toward reduction that all of the above have in common.