Julia A. Etedi
artist / photographer

Julia A. Etedi is a French-Hungarian artist based in Paris. She grew up in an eclectic environment in which she developed her artistic skills by experimenting with various media to build a visual language and give shape to emotions where words fall short.

She graduated from CELSA, the Paris-based leading School of Information and Communication, with a Master’s Degree in Communication and Advertising then joined the freelance art directors’ community while developing creative projects.

In her work, art becomes a mirror rather than just a tool that she uses to explore time and its visual expression and bridge the gap between our myths and reality. They are timeless vibrations captured in order to go beyond the instant and grasp the essence of the moment resonating deeply in each of us.

Etedi’s imagery is inspired by poetry and music, challenging rhythms and pictorial conventions by mixing painting and photography. Her multimedia work is driven by strong rhapsodic aesthetics where she moves freely between black and white, color, film and digital photography.