Ana Sonderéguer
Art Historian

Ana is an art historian from Mexico City who came to Paris to obtain her master’s degree in Museology. Fascinated by cultural diplomacy and international cooperation between Latin America and Europe, she then enrolled in a second master’s in History and Latin American Studies.

I am currently collaborating as Associate Director with the cultural agency Wasanii Ya Leo, that focuses on contemporary Latin American and African art.

Modotti, Cildo Meireles, Claire Malrieux, Tarsila do Amaral, Rui Chafes, Tina Modotti, Xul Solar, Vlassis Caniaris

My interests span from contemporary art, curatorial activities, cultural programming, research, and the always present connection between art and politics. I have a passion for all that relates to the cultural heritage of Latin America which I try to include as much as possible in every project I work on.

I desire the professional experience at the cultural centers in Paris to obtain the level of competence necessary to work in cultural programming and research, but also to get to know the cultural exchanges occurring between Mexico, Argentina, and France, countries where I have lived and whose singular past and complicated present move me.

I have done research centered on the political role of art to gain a glimpse into this intrinsic relationship in a variety of works of arts or cultural projects. This experience has helped me to discover the power of art to change the thoughts of one or more individuals or a people, and the invisible strain that flows through and often moves the world.

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