Wasanii Ya Leo
Art Agency

Wasanii Ya Leo is an agency that mobilizes professionals from the art world. WYL offers a service of expertise in contemporary art to every actor of the economic and artistic world: cultural engineering, eve and research, art market consultancy, artist representation, curatorship, and more. It is also a thinking space, a crossroad that centralizes the questions regarding contemporary art, which brings us to rethink the terms and concepts attached and linked to art history.

Within this project, we offer contemporary art history courses specialized in African or Latin American art. We also offer creative workshops for companies and guided tours of Parisian galleries and cultural institutions. We accompany artists, living in France or abroad, whose artistic practices dialogue with the different cultures and issues of Africa, Latin America or their diasporas.

As a cultural agency, we develop exhibitions and cultural events to give more visibility to the contemporary productions of these territories and to contribute to the development of a new artistic cartography.

Concepts and definitions in the art world and in art history are often thought in relationship to the West. It results in a geocentric vision of art, where many artists cruelly lack visibility. If there is a center, there are peripheries, multiple and complex ones, to which it defines itself. It has become now imperative to experiment new forms of sharing to broaden the vision of art. The concepts of contemporary art and design must be rethought and reevaluated in a larger context with an open look to the world.


Juan Ferrari (bio/top left), Andrea Hernández, Rafiy Okefolahan, Fernanda De Icaza, Geordy Zodidat Alexis, Cléophée Moser, Tickson Mbuyi, Luis Antonio Rojas