Brahim Boulminate
Artist / Painter

Born in February 1974 in Casablanca, Morocco, Brahim Boulminate lives and works in Brussels, the capital where he was trained since 1995 until 2013 in graphic arts, decorative arts and painting.

Active in the artistic social and founding member of the artistic association “More Creation”.

He considers himself a relentless researcher painter. Inspired by Antonio Tàpies, Constantin Brancusi, Picasso, Anselm Kiefer, Manolo Valdés, Banksy and many others. He moves on a narrow slope between abstraction, realism and materialism, and you can feel this unique fusion in his proposals and his plastic reading.
 A challenge to express a dialogue with the invisible, the mystical, the fusion or the emission of a hidden or unknown face.

These varied paintings, rich in shapes and colors, often portray a play of shadow and light; of appearances of faces, of silhouettes, of definite / indefinite forms, concrete / diffuse, obvious / incomprehensible.

These are surprising mystical walks, of a visible / invisible world, striking by the rapidity (clarity) and heaviness (opacity).

The figures are alive, static and moving, recounting memories/new experiences.

Travels with perplexity: abstraction / reality / supposition … A journey that reflects OBJECTION and HARMONY! OBJECTION, because it breaks the limits of the spirit and HARMONY, because the breaking done with fingering and balance is opening of consciousness towards an increased knowledge of the incomprehensible behind these pictorial presentations.

Brahim is not bound by forms or academic norms. He makes the object sing according to the needs of his pictorial symphony and he never hesitates to vary and introduce all forms of personal research and experiences.