Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo / Turin

Since 1995 the Foundation has supported young Italian and foreign artists, paying particular attention to the commission and production of new works, and has promoted contemporary art with the aim of attracting an ever-growing public to it.

Preserving the central role of the artist, as part of a culture of collecting based on sensibility and personal involvement, is a mission spelt out in the Foundation’s statute, and takes the form of support to new generations of artists through the promotion and creation of exhibitions, and the production of works. The second mission of the Foundation centers on the visitor, who is both the target and protagonist of initiatives aimed at spreading and expanding knowledge about contemporary art. At the Foundation, exhibitions are a meeting point between artists, curators and public: a space for reflection which, through the works, increases the visibility of current art, and of the reading it gives of the issues of our time (from globalization to environmentalism, from labor to new technologies); exhibitions are forums that amplify the voice of visitors and their interpretations, thanks to the conversational approach of our cultural mediation service, which is provided regularly and free of charge; the exhibition is a space for inspiration and creativity, which find a practical, living expression in workshops especially designed by the Educational Department for each different sector of our visiting public.