Stavros Stamatiou

I am an amateur photographer, born in Kozani in 1965. I studied at the Pedagogical Academy of Heraklion and since 1988 I have been working as a teacher in public education. I currently live in the Municipality of Thermaikos. I am a member of the Photography Center of Thessaloniki, BULB collective and the CLICKERS photography team. I have attended photography lessons with Tasos Schizas and art photography seminars with Plato Rivellis, Stratos Kalafatis, Paris Petrides and Iraklis Papaioannou. I have participated in workshops with photographers Eva Voutsaki, Nikos Economopoulos, Michael Ackerman, Achilles Nasios and Jason Eskenazi and portfolio reviews with Haris Kakarouhas and Jacob Aue Sobol. My works has been exhibited in many group exhibitions and photography festivals and published in reputed Greek and foreign journals – printed and on line – and photography websites. Photography is my way to see the world and at the same time it is the means to speak about myself, to communicate my visions, my dreams and nightmares. Sometimes I have the feeling that photography is a way to reconstruct my lost memories.