Yu Nishimura

Rather than reproducing actual scenery, Nishimura depicts the present moment while layering in the things he takes notice of in daily life. His paintings resemble landscapes or people you have seen somewhere before, or scenes from a tale. In this exhibition, they are displayed in the space in a way that naturally suggests a story linking the works next to each other. He will exhibit new paintings inspired by early spring at this exhibition, with the aim of inspiring viewers to spin new stories.

In the end, my image is nothing but a motivation to do something on the picture plane.

It is an entrance; I cannot move forward unless a dog is more than a dog, or a cat is more than a cat.

Even if the shapes with undifferentiated elements, which are made along a meandering path, once again become dogs and cats, they appear as dogs and cats who have passed through the scenery.

The distance between the subjects and landscapes is removed, creating a single way of viewing the painting.

– Yu Nishimura