Ciro Battiloro

Ciro Battiloro was born near Naples in 1984. His studies have included the classics and Philosophy. Shooting with an analog camera marked his entry into photography, and remains with him to this day.

His affinities have drawn him to documentary work, social reportage and long term stories.

He has traveled through Africa, in Senegal and Morocco in particular, and also in Iran and The Balkans.

Naples and its surrounding microcosmos have become the center of his latest long term project, based, in particular, in the neighborhood called Rione Sanità facing difficulty. The project started in 2015 when he took part in the second edition of LAB/per un laboratorio irregolare, lead by the neapolitan photographer Antonio Biasiucci.

– May 2015: Doc! Photo Magazine #32 / Iran: life, death and prayer
– March 2015: Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Foundation, Doni – Authors from Campania
– 2014-2015: winner of Fondation Europ’Atlas Award
– December 2014: Witness Journal #69 / Iran: life, death and prayer
– August 2014: Witness Journal #65 / Yari Dakhar
– 2013: BLACKLIE VOL I by Limes Images
– December 2012: permanent exhibition on 591 Photography blog

– 14th June 2017: Rome, collective exhibition, Rome, Galleria del Cembalo Palazzo Borghese / Sanità
– 7th June 2017: Napoli, SMMAVE Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea, collective exhibition / Sanità
– 12 April – 18 May 2017, Museo Madre, Napoli, Imago Mundi Exhibition “DONI – Authors from Campania”
– February 2017: Arrêt Sur Images gallery, Marrakech, AFHAM collective exhibition / Iran: life, death and prayer
– November 2015: Salt Galata, Istanbul, Belgesel Fotoğraf Günleri, collective exhibition / Iran: life, death and prayer
– Nov.-Dec. 2015: Maison Folie Hospice D’Havré, Tourcoing (FR), “100 Photos Pour Comprendre” collective exhibition
– Feb.- March 2015: Maison Folie Wazemmes, Lille (FR), “100 Photos Pour Comprendre” collective exhibition