Megan Stancanelli, Sotto ogni pelle, Video still
Megan Stancanelli: Sotto Ogni Pelle
Jun 28 – Jul 1, 2023
Turin, Italy

Sotto Ogni Pelle is the first exhibition by Megan Stancanelli, a young Genoese director that Recontemporary is happy to present as a new proposal for contemporary art.

Already in 2022, with the exhibition of the artist Gianluca Iadema, Recontemporary began a project to discover new talents, with the desire to establish itself as a research space in the language of video.

The exhibition, which ends on July 1, tells the introspective journey of the human being in his continuous escape from pain, without learning how it is an integral part of the person’s emotional prospect. The artist’s research translates into the creation of short films that show people’s “mental rooms”, studying how one is, since childhood, polluted by external agents that change the objectivity of the world into subjectivity.

“Where unawareness is the worst poison, where we feel guilty and weak even if only in crying, in suffering, we want to bring pain and fear back to where they belong: inside man.” – Megan Stancanelli

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