Giudecca 795
Art Gallery / Venice

Research and the enhancement of new talents these are the traits of Giudecca 795 Art Gallery in Venice Italy, celebrating its first ten years in 2017. The gallery has been conceived by its founders Gianluca Belli and Rosalba Giorcelli, as a place where emerging artists can get the same attention as more recognized ones, with the chance at international exposure. Giudecca 795 has an intense exhibition program and represents photography, painting, design, with a recent interest in contemporary glass and mosaic arts. The gallery hosts “talent scout” competitions inviting aspiring photographers and young mosaic masters.

Situated on the island of Giudecca, in the 16th century palazzetto known as Palazzo Foscari, with its two rooms totalling 200 square meters, Giudecca 795 is a must-see for collectors.

Among the represented artists are Cecilia Gioria, Gjon Jakai, Paola Grizi, Jan Mizo, and Marcelle Ottier.

Giudecca 795 Art Gallery

Fondamenta S.Biagio 795, Giudecca
30133 Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 340 879 8327